Restaurant Landgasthof Schwanen

Local ingredients - Best cuisine

Eating culture is always also a way of life - that is the motto of our restaurant. True to this, the Landgasthof Schwanen has long relied on regional products. Wherever possible, meat from local producers is used and, depending on the season, vegetables come from the surrounding area. In the Landgasthof Schwanen we offer a rich variety of typical delicacies of our Baden-Alsatian border region. Our focus is on home-style German cuisine but delicacies from distant regions has also found their way onto our menu card.


Our selection ranges from hearty dishes to classic schnitzels and from our "steakhouse menu" to the fine-dining surprise menu. Furthermore, lovers of meatless food, fish dishes, salads and desserts will always find something new on our menu. Our menu card is enriched by seasonal delicacies such as chanterelles, asparagus, mussels and various game dishes. We are also well known for our St. Martin's Day goose in November.

We don't want to waste food, so we serve many of our dishes in smaller portions. For our youngest guests, we have designed a special children's menu.